Why roof-top solar panels really don’t make sense

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In many parts of the world there are significant financial incentives for homeowners to install roof-top solar panels.



BC’s Electricity Conundrum – Politics, Profits, and Potential Partnerships

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The electricity generation situation in British Columbia, Canada is both simple and complex. The simplicity arises from an abundance of hydro-electric generating capacity. The complexity comes from a somewhat disjointed ownership of generating assets compounded by government policies that have been confusing to both generators and rate-payers.

Starting in 2002 BC Government policy mandated that BC Hydro (the publicly owned near-monopoly) change the way it added new generation capacity. Updates to existing hydro facilities and development of new large-scale hydro facilities would remain with BC Hydro. However, integration of new renewable and small-scale hydro generation would have to be through long-term purchase contracts with Independent Power Producers (IPPs). The rationale provided for this decision was the desire to transfer the risk of investments in new generation to the private sector.



Hydraulic Energy Storage – Another Way to Use Gravity

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I recently joined a discussion about how gravity might be used to generate and store energy.