Compressed Hydrogen – A Viable Solution for Long-term Energy Storage

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When most renewable energy advocates talk about energy storage they are referring to relatively short-term storage;



Green Energy, Schmeen Energy – Nobody Cares!

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If you have seen the movie “Jurassic Park” (and who hasn’t?) you might remember the scene where Dennis Nedry, the would-be thief of Ingen’s dinosaur embryos is having lunch with Lewis Dodgson, the potential purchaser of said embryos. After his loud declaration that “We got Dodgson here” received no reaction or interest from the other restaurant patrons Nedry mocks Dodgson’s secretive behaviour with the comment “Nobody Cares!”.

That’s how I am starting to feel about green energy.

As someone that reads postings on this blog site and probably other similar sites you might take great offence at that statement.



Germany at the Crossroads

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On September 22 there was a general election in Germany.